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Первый день были на самом верху на ГЛЦ "Роза-Хутор", вчера ездили кататься на ГЛЦ "Газпром". Сегодня хотели поехать на "Альпику", но четвертая очередь была закрыта из-за плохой видимости, а на "Розе-Хутор" ночью был минус, поэтому решили поехать снова туда. Сегодня на "Альпике" шел снег, так что с утра рванем туда кататься. Все фотки, которые пока нафоткали повесили в фотогалерею. Родители - ищите лица своих детей там ))

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Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford signed his three-year contract extension on Wednesday.
The Lions posted a picture on their Twitter account of Stafford signing his contract.
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The first overall pick of the 2009 draft out of Georgia, Stafford is coming off a 2012 campaign that saw him pass for 4,967 yards with 20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.
That came on the heels of his 2011 season that saw him set several team records for a single season as he passed for 5,038 yards with 41 touchdowns and 16 picks, leading the team to its first playoff appearance since 1999. He joined Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Dan Marino as the only quarterbacks to top 5,000 yards in a season.
After having the 2009 and 2010 seasons cut short due to injury, the 25-year- old has appeared in all 32 games the past two seasons.
In 45 games over four seasons, he has completed 59.8 percent of his passes for 12,807 yards with 80 touchdowns and 54 interceptions, along with seven touchdowns on the ground.


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Stores with names containing things like are trickier.Some are okay in a pinch, some are not(Is a nono, as are any other french names).First, have lots of money.Second, if any of the clothes shown in the window are pastels or have shades with names like etc., stay away.If the window mannequins show male models with long scarves draped around their necks, run like a bandit.

2)Colors.For some men, colors can be tricky and a source of fashion error, but there is no reason for this to be so difficult.Consult any color wheel and make note of the primary and secondary colors.If the color doesn fall on this color wheel, or can be found in a box of no more than 16 milton bradley crayons, forget it;It is a highrisk color, and probably requires that the item be(Technical jargon phrase with some other item.This is nothing but a source of vexation, and so best avoided. (White, black, tan and brown aren on the [URL=http://www.basel2models.com]michael kors bags sale[/URL] wheel, but are also okay colors.Camouflage is not a color. )

(There is a rumor to the effect that some colors on the color wheel are said to with the colors directly opposite them on the wheel.I don know what this means;You can safely ignore such a silly theory.Battalion.Black dress shirts are always worn with a necktie of a solid color, which can include black and also black. (However, bloodred neckties can be useful for hiding stains, if you know what i mean. )

3)If you live west of the san andreas fault or south of the miami causeway, it is okay to wear an armani suit over a tshirt and/or to roll up the sleeves of said armani suit.If you live anywhere else, it is not even permissible to own an armani suit, much less roll the sleeves up. (Actually, it is permissible to own an armani suit;However, anyone who would do so isn likely to be reading this kit anyhow, so the point is moot. )

4)Belts:Belts come in a wide variety of colors and materials:Brown, black, and leather.Anything else is a fashion faux pas.

(Can somebody explain to me why the championship belt awarded to the winner of the world wrestling federation looks like something liberace designed for elton john?I could never quite figure that one out.But i digress. )

5)Suspenders:Mork from ork and topless dancers at the choochoo lounge can wear them;You can(Major exception:Weddings. )Deal with it.

6)Bow ties:See [URL=http://www.blaues-jahr.de/louis-vuitton-klassik.html]Louis Vuitton Online Shop[/URL] no.5, above.

7)Shoes:Shoes (Ordinary everyday shoes, anyway)Come in a wide variety of colors and materials:Brown, black, and leather.They come in two styles:With laces, and without.Anything else is a fashion faux pas.Running shoes(formerly known asCome in a wide variety of colors and materials:White, with white laces.They used to come in two colors, black(Hightops)And white(Hightops and lowtops), but not any more.Now they come in a zillion patterns and styles, and some even light up when you bounce on them.If you pay more than $30 for a pair at any place except pickandpay, you are an idiot.If your running shoes have little pinky slots for each toe, why then you are just adorable.Only you can decide exactly how adorable you wish to be.Personally, i am already way too adorable for my own good, and don need individual pinky sneakers to enhance my natural adorabullishness.Your mileage may vary(Though i doubt it).

If you live west of the mississippi and east of the san andreas fault you can wear cowboy boots, unless you are less than eight years old or you are a topless dancer at the choochoo lounge.

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(If you are in the boating industry, then you already know there is one, and only one, acceptable uniform:Topsiders;No socks;Chinos;White, shortsleeve, buttondown oxford shirt, blue hopsack blazer, optional tie. When I was a yacht broker and sold the Mayflower to the Pilgrims I was wearingTopsiders,No socks,Chinos, a blue blazer, and a powdered wig. )

9)Tshirts:Tshirts come in two kinds:White, and any possible flaming combination of psychedelic colors as long as it features the name and logo of a major rock band tour. (The older the tour, the better, as long as you don go further back than rosemary clooney.A more recent, contemporaneous tour is acceptable, but justin bieber is off limits. )


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